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    BODIWERK® can be used on abdominals, thighs, lower back, glutes, and arms.
    BODIWERK® can be used 24/7. We suggest using the AM formula throughout the day, the PM formula in the evening and/or during sleep, and Performance Gel during training regiments.
    The amount of BODIWERK® to be used is different for every individual depending on the number of target areas it’s being applied to. As a general rule of thumb, apply enough to achieve an even layer across the surface area of your skin. Repeat as deemed necessary. Formulas are most effective when applied to clean dry skin.
    Yes, BODIWERK® works well when used under compression garments and slimming belts.
    No, BODIWERK® has not been known to stain clothing.
    Yes, BODIWERK® Performance Gel works well when used under compression garments and slimming belts.
    BODIWERK® Performance Gel can be used with any type of moderate to high intensity regiment.
    Yes, when using the Performance Gel you will experience a cold sensation which may continue to feel cold upon showering afterward. BODIWERK® AM and PM formulas do not cause noticeable sensation.
    While the product is not classified as hypoallergenic, only a small number of customers have reported skin irritations.  Test BODIWERK® on a small area first if you are concerned to ensure no issues.
    BODIWERK® is effective 24/7 and should be used daily. For maximum results use BODIWERK® as a three step system; which is combined use of the AM, PM, and Performance Gel formulas, in conjunction with a balanced diet and workout plan.
    Yes, we ship worldwide.
    Standard delivery for the United States is 3-5 business days. Variation in shipping duration depends on transit times from our headquarters in Miami, FL to the final destination.
    Refunds cannot be offered for product that has been opened or used. All other inquiries are handled on a case by case basis.